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For the first couple of decades of Rat production, the circuit was based around an LM308 op amp made by Motorola. In the early 2000s, ProCo replaced this with a more easily accessible OP07DP. While the audible differences are not hugely apparent to most, many consider the newer chip to sound a bit brighter and clearer. Others prefer the warmth of the earlier design, making LM308-stocked Rats more collectible and expensive on the used market. Often, you'll see the inclusion of this chip. The Pro Co The RAT is a distortion pedal with a quite simple circuit, which can be broken down into four simpler blocks: distortion stage, tone control, output stage and power supply. The design is based around a single opamp, originally the Motorola LM308 (switched to Texas Instruments OP07DP around 2002-2003)

The small box Rats that have ProCo next to The Rat above the footswitch are generally thought to be the first generation small box or vintage small box Rats. I got one in the early 80's and I used one for a long time, great pedal. I now have the second generation small box with the glow in the dark logo and the 308 chip, made in the USA. It sounds just like the older one I had, I use it. In my experience only opamp suitable for Rat is LM308. +m. Delete. Replies . Reply. IvIark 13 June 2013 at 08:26. The OP07 doesn't have external compensation between pins 1 and 8 so the cap won't be doing anything. Proco have used the OP07 in Rats (not sure if the current one has one) but I suspect the circuit will be changed slightly. It shows a Trim function between pins 1 and 8 and so is. Find great deals on eBay for proco rat lm308. Shop with confidence

1988 ProCo RAT (LM308) Gain Appreciation — CSGuitar

When you have the LM308 in a proco rat 2 with the right set up its just a really great sound that you just cant get as easily with the OP07. Its really bad in a good musical way. There are some mods that are a must and others that are just for shits, everything in the post above is just for shits brother. A stock Rat 2 or a Rat 2 with the LM308 is more than enough to get that tone and then. 88 proco rat up for sale. Sounds incredible! No scratchy or noisey pot. Works exactly as it should. Very woody sounding with lots of attack when the distortion is set low and almost fuzz like when set high. Very versatile and I've owned a number of rats over the years and have to say this one is by far my favorite sounding one. The newer ones with the led light just can't come near. Now I know this affects the slew rate in the LM308 and reading the ProCo Rat analysis on electrosmash, the 30pf cap essentially causes the op amp to be unable to amplify high frequencies. So by using the TL071 op amp instead which has a much better slew rate, is there over amplification of the highs causing it to oscillate? Before the oscillation begins the sound is great though so I don't. Great sound for a rat! LM308 5 from 5 Great sound for a rat! I used this opamp for a RAT project and the result is an excelent sounding pedal. Highly recommended ! Milan. Milan K., 11.04.2017 RAT Upgrade LM308 5 from 5 RAT Upgrade. used as an upgrade for a Proco RAT (originaly with a OP07DP :) exactly what i was expecting...not an earth shaking difference, but for the price of the IC was well.

Proco RAT Original von 1987 (LM308, Sammlerstück mit OVP) Ich verkaufe hier eine originale RAT von 1987 mit LM308 Chip. Das Pedal kommt mit der originalen... Versand möglich. 300 € VB 51065 Mülheim. 15.11.2020. ProCo Rat 2 Distortion Pedal OVP. Das Pedal ist in neuwertigem Zustand und OVP. Versand und Paypal möglich. Preis inkl.... Versand möglich. 68 € VB 79618 Rheinfelden (Baden) 11. PROCO RAT LM308 1987. In stock 1 pcs. Price: 190,00 € Qty: pcs Add to cart. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on Pinterest; Share on Google+; Share by email; Helsinki. Just in; Acoustics. New. Martin. Backpacker; Ukuleles; Little Martin; Little Martin w/electronics; X Series w/electronics; Road Series w/electronics; Dreadnought Junior; 15 Series; 15 Series w/Electronics; 16 Series w.

LM308 & OP07 IC Comparison in ProCo™ Rat™ Replica - YouTub

Vintage RAT As the vintage instruments market surged, demand grew for a reissue of the large box RAT pedal. The Vintage RAT can easily be identified from an original in two ways. First, the Pro Co logo does not contain the Sound Inc. text written down its right side. The reissue also features an easy access battery compartment on the pedal's bottom. Brat 1997-2001. Brat The Brat. 1992 USA ProCo RAT LM308 Chip Vintage Reissue Big Box Effects Pedal PD-6362 Boyd's Guitar Warehouse The Parts That Make You Rock Worldwide Shipping ProCo 1992 Rat Big Box Reissue LM308 Chip Pot Code 1379223 Distortion Pedal Made In USA Power Supply(Not Included) Manual(Not Included) Pedal Has Been Tested Condition: Good(See Pictures) Known Issues: Finish chips and scratches throughout. Simulating the ProCo RAT Distortion Pedal in LTSpice; Simulating the TS808 Tube Screamer in LTSpice. The Whole Enchilada. Here's the whole schematic, labeled for clarity: The interesting stuff is largely concentrated in the clipping, tone, and output stages. Clipping Stage. The clipping stage is formed by a LM308 opamp in a noninverting configuration. R2 biases the input at 4.5[V] for. 90's era Proco Rat- loaded with the infamous LM308 chip- In excellent condition- Sounds like a beast and causes instant foaming of the mouth! serial number 230544- does not include original box but will be packaged like the true champion the proco rat is- paypal only. Any questions please ask. ProCo Rat 2 Distortion Pedal Made in USA LM308 Chip GRAPE BUILT (w/PSU) ProCo Rat 2 Distortion Pedal.

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  1. Q Are RAT Pedals True Bypass? A Yes, all RAT's are True Bypass. Q What are the power requirements for the Rat? A We Q What is the sonic difference between the LM308 and the OP07DP? A The OP07DP is a more modern chip that's still in production. We're talking nuances here, but it is more hifi sounding, with a quicker transient response, and slightly brighter overall character. The
  2. In dieser findet sich der LM308-Chip, der - ganz wie im Original - für den besten Klang sorgen soll. Die zweite Version ist derzeit für einen Straßenpreis von 75,- Euro im Fachhandel erhältlich. Der robuste Bodentreter in unserem ProCo Rat2 Testbericht. anzeige
  3. Proco Rat 2 Distortion. 85 € 141,61 € 5 . Seymour Duncan Diamondhead Distortion / Boost. 205 € 1 . Greer Amps Super Hornet Octave Fuzz. 259 € Lounsberry Pedals Nigel. 229 € 4 . Beetronics Fatbee Overdrive. 229 € 7 . Fulltone Custom Shop OCD-GE Overdrive. 249 € 12 . myVolts Ripcord 9V DC center negative. 15,50 € 2 . Gretsch G5410T EMTC Rat Rod Bgsb. MBK. 850 € 3 . AMT Bricks F.
  4. The RAT 2 that I have is based around the original LM308 chip. It features true bypass switching and a red LED light in the A. The input and output are located on the top of the pedal (or back depending on how you look at it) as is the power supply. It doesn't use a lot of power and a 9V battery will last you a long time. The power supply is not the standard Boss style but adapters are cheap.
  5. ProCo Rat - LM308N LM308 - Distortion Verzerrer Overdrive Angeboten wird ein ProCo Rat Pedal, mit dem LM308N Chip. Das Pedal wurde wenig benutzt, befindet..
  6. 【Proco】RATシリーズを語ろう【ディストーション】 [転載禁止]©2ch.net 1002コメント ; 266KB; 全部; 1-100; 最新50; ★スマホ版★; 掲示板に戻る ★ULA版★; レス数が1000を超えています。これ以上書き込みはできません。 1 ドレミファ名無シド 2014/11/16(日) 20:48:50.77 ID:gmqB3Otf. ディストーション史上最高傑作.

Upgraded Mini Rat Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal LM308 chip based on ProCo RAT. Brand New. C $35.15. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Was: Previous Price C $39.05 10% off. From China. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Almost gone. 25 sold. Proco Rat2 (Lm308) 1994. Pre-Owned. C $304.04. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From Japan. Free shipping. Pro Co Rat Black Face Vintage Guitar. Spannungen LM308 Proco Rat (Slow Lorris) 7. Februar 2011, 23:11 . Guten Abend liebe Bastel Gemeinde, hab für meinen Kumpel eine Ratte mitgebastelt, will nur leider keinerlei Töne ausspucken. Ich vermute das ich mir den LM308 zerschossen habe, die Teile sollen ja recht empfindlich sein und da ich ein Just-in-time Besteller bin müsste ich erstmal einen Bestellen. Vorab möchte ich natürlich. Proco Rat (lm308, Usa) $ 6,000. en. 18x $ 445. 80. Envío gratis. Usado. Pedal De Efecto Guitarra Nux Mg-100 Modeling Guitarra Proces $ 3,185. 44 $ 2,087 34% OFF. en. 12x $ 173. 91. sin interés. Envío gratis. Internacional. Pedal De Efecto Guitarra Nux Mg-100 Modeling Guitarra Proces. Vendido por Dodocool $ 1,858. en. 12x $ 154. 83. sin interés . Envío gratis. Internacional. Tc-helicon.

Alle angesagten ProCo Rat Effekte. Thomann - die Nr. 1 für Musike JCM800 Amp-in-a-Box, ProCo Rat mit LM308 Chip und mehr. Ab Werk ist das Gerät mit einem Distortion-Modul ausgerüstet, das einem Marshall JCM800 nachempfunden ist. Ergänzt wird dieses durch einen separaten, Plexi-artigen Overdrive. Doch jetzt kommt's! Jackson Audio hat weitere austauschbare Module für den Distortion entwickelt ProCo Turbo Rat £139. This pedal is probably the most famous of ProCo's updated RAT pedals. Like other modern RATs, it no longer uses the LM308 chip, resulting in a vastly different distortion sound. Supposedly most modern versions use the Texas Instruments OP07DP, meaning the clipping of the diodes comes more to the fore. This is where the Turbo RAT comes in, using LEDs for a fatter, woolier distortion tone

The LM308 Op Amp: S L O W... The original Rat used a LM308 op amp, so it is not uncommon to get a request to replace the IC in later Rat pedals with a 308. Like the 741, the 308 is an old and slow.. Drei Potentiometer, mehr braucht es nicht, um aus dem LM308 Chip meiner Vintage Ratte diesen unverwechselbaren druckvollen, aber dennoch differenzierten und charakteristisch warmen ProCo-Sound zu zaubern, den ich lieben gelernt habe. Aber von Anfang an. Hier ist mein Review zur Proco Turbo Rat

ProCo has now moved production overseas and doesn't use the LM308 but from what I've read they have found a suitable replacement chip and it's still housed in a small metal box. You can see in the picture how small it is next to other pedals. I really like that the inputs are on the top of the pedal because you can put the pedals right next to each other. Sometimes I wish all pedal manufactures would move to this setup Figure 1: The ProCo RAT. The Pro Co RAT is a distortion pedal for electric guitar designed at the end of the 70's that became very popular at the beginning of the 80's .It's circuitry is quite simple, we can divide it in four blocks: distortion stage, tone control, output stage and power supply (see ref. 2 and figure 2). Actually, the RAT is still available, but some of the electronic. We're talking nuances here, but it is more hifi sounding, with a quicker transient response, and slightly brighter overall character. The LM308 is more sluggish, saggy, and slightly darker. Some players prefer one over the other. Q : I want an 80s Rat. What's the closest you make to those Regarding the ProCo You Dirty Rat pedal, I've read about Keeley mods, Monte Allum mods, Ruetz mods and Vodka mods; however, the mods seem to give you something at the expense of taking something else away. I've also read many reviews that say the ProCo You Dirty Rat pedal is just fine, as is. I'd like to hear from those of you who have/had a You Dirty Rat pedal ProCo Rat (1987) + Marshall JCM 800 fizzelig und drucklos. von lespaulfreak, 08.06.16. Quick Links. Tipps & Tricks Fragen (FAQ) Regeln. Board-Mitarbeiter. MB bei Facebook . Sponsored by . lespaulfreak Registrierter Benutzer. Im Board seit: 24.07.06 Zuletzt hier: 28.11.20 Beiträge: 1.331 Ort: Unterfranken Kekse: 4.378 Erstellt: 08.06.16 #1. Hallo, da in diversen Foren immer davon geschwärmt.

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The other difference is that the original pedals used an LM308 opamp chip, which ProCo stopped using around 1995/96 because it was discontinued. People argue all day long how much difference the chip makes, but no one argues about the clipping diodes because the difference is obvious. The circuit for all Rats from 1981-2008 is basically the same. The big box, white face and Rat2 pedals. I do know that on DIY FX forums the Motorola TO-99 (metal can) LM308 is considered an up-grade, though I've never done a comparison. ApparentIy the TO-99 chips were only used in the early prototype Proco Rats. I grabbed the NOS chips because two of them were only about 2 Aussie bucks dearer than an over the counter purchase of current production (Chinese) LM308's. Cheers . Reactions. There is no straight on replacement for LM308, so to get your circuit working right, you'll need LM308 chip. Or you could read the application notes on OP07 datasheet to figure out how to set up an offset nulling trim for the OP07. I'd still recommend getting the correct chip as the Rat won't sound like a Rat without LM308. +m. Delet Why? I think it's a lot to do with the LM308 chip that was in the first version, which if you know or are interested in such things, is the Corvette C7 of stomp box overdrive chips. These original issue white logo Rats are very sought after and collectable nowadays, and not ones to miss a trick, Pro Co has re issued it and called it the Rat 85 Whiteface reissue. We should be sceptical of re.

PCB is designed the original RAT tone IC, the LM308 single op amp, for the vintage tone. The updated version of the RAT line of pedals uses an inferior-sounding OP07DP op amp IC. Get the vintage tone! 3PDT switch layout allows for an easy wiring job, with true bypass switching and LED indicator to give you a visual cue when your RAT Distortion Pedal Clone circuit is engaged and using power. In any case from 1978 to 2002 the Rats sported the classic LM308 OpAmp type, while from around 2002 onwards the main OpAmp switched to Texas Instruments' more widely available OP07DP OpAmp Proco Rat - big box reissue w/LM308 $200. JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE - Texas | FOR SALE - San Antonio, TX. Thu Jan 14 2021 6:05 pm Advertisements. 200 OBO Big box rat with the sought after LM308 chip Enclosure has some wear Cash only / public meeting only Price: $200; Read more... reissue Proco Rat big Sponsored Link. Share Remove Report: Sale 6308414789. big Rat Proco reissue. Back. Share - Pro Co Rat 2 Distortion / Fuzz / Overdrive Pedal. The listing you're looking for has ended. PROCO RAT * LM308N . Condition: New. Ended: Jun 07, 2020, 04:00:16 PM PDT. Price: US $99.95. View original item. Sell one like this. 【Proco】RATシリーズを語ろう【ディストーション】 1 : ドレミファ名無シド :2014/11/16(日) 20:48:50.77 ID:gmqB3Otf.net ディストーション史上最高傑作とも言わ

Guitar FX Layouts: Proco RatProCo Rat Big Box Reissue with LM308 Chip | ReverbProCo Rat LM308 vs OP07 Op-Amp Chip - Does It Drone? - YouTube

Does ProCo Rat2 need the LM308 chip? Discussion in 'Pedal Pushers Forum' started by Littlewing555, Dec is the sound from the new ones that much worse than the Rats w/ the LM308 chip? Also, wouldn't you just have to pull the socketed IC Chip out and connect the LM308 chip back in the socket? Any help would be great! Merry Christmas! Littlewing555, Dec 25, 2014. Littlewing555, Dec 25, 2014. Q: The Expandora and the Proco Rat pedal both use the LM308 chip. Are they the same? A: No. Not even close. The Rat has one LM308 (or OP07) chip. The Expandora has two LM308's (or OP07's), an RC4558 Dual Op Amp, and an H11F1 Opto Coupler expansion circuit. Q: What chips sound good in the new Expandora pedals The first, easy enough mod is to replace whatever op amp you've got with an LM308 if yours is a newer version. The LM308 has a slower slew rate and a generally darker, nastier sound than the newer versions. It is the original spec'd op amp from the vintage Rats, which was changed out for something else in the 2000s Encontre Proco Rat - Pedais e Efeitos de Som no MercadoLivre.com.br! Entre e conheça as nossas incriveis ofertas. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online

Little Bear RProCo / Ikebe 40th Anniversary Ltd Edition White RAT 2

InFath OP07CP original single op amp Modern proco rat chip OP07 lm308. Rp30.000. Kab. Pemalang InFath. Tambah ke Wishlist. Kabel Power Supply Stomp Box 3,5mm Ibanez TS 808 Proco Rat Turbo Rat. Rp100.000. Surabaya Dave's Pedal Store. Tambah ke Wishlist. fm pedals arjuna overdrive not ibanez boss ehx strymon proco rat. Rp1.400.000 . Jakarta Timur guitargenk. Tambah ke Wishlist. New Sale Proco. 現在の rat のicは「lm308」から「op07」に変更してあります。こちらも同様low offset用なので非常に似たicです。特性も測ってみましたが同じ様な特性でした。 これだけを考えますと他のエフェクターと全く変わらないと言いますか、むしろ周波数特性に無理が有る分だけ見劣りするエフェクターの. MOSKY Classic Boost Turbo Guitar Effect Pedal For RAT Distortion IC LM308. $30.57. $33.59. Free shipping . Last one. MOSKY SUPER RAT Guitar Pedal Classic Distortion Boost Preamp Effects True Bypass. $31.30. $33.30. Free shipping. Last one . BOSS DS-2 Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal Made In Japan MIJ Vintage ORIGINAL BOX. $198.00. Free shipping . Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi Distortion. 1995 ProCo RAT distortion pedal with LM308 op amp chip. Made in USA. Serial 209096. Price is for local pickup.Good overviewdemo of similar pedal herehttpsm.youtube.comwatch?vruPLYTl3QM8. POST AD FREE. Free Local Classifieds in Olympic, WA. Home; Post Ad FREE; Search. in. My location. Recent searches: 1995 gibson 1995 fender gibson les paul 1995 fender 1995 telecaster 1995 Olympic, WA > Buy.

RAT LM308 chip and whatnotProCo Turbo Rat Distortion | Reverb

I just got a Proco Rat off eBay, and I think I've been had. The seller said it was an early 90s Rat with the LM308 chip, and although I'm not versed i.. Rat on yksin syy miksi LM308-opari on nykyään niin kallis. Saman sarjan LM108 ja LM208 ovat molemmat kokeilemisen arvoisia, vaikka Sitä ProCo itsekin tekee. Turbo Rat sisältää kaksi punaista lediä, You Dirty Rat kaksi germanium-diodia ja Fat Rat lisää valintoihin vielä MOSFET-transistorien suojadiodit kuten vaikkapa OCD:ssä. Kaikkea voi kokeilla. Mielestäni mikään versio. Encontre Proco Rat - Instrumentos Musicais no Mercado Livre Brasil. Entre e conheça as nossas incriveis ofertas. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online 7/1(日)The エフェクター・キッチン Vol.1にて発売されるRATのご紹介です! Proco RAT GEEK MOD Light 人気ディストーションペダルであるProCo RAT。その最大の特徴であり、人気の要因とも言える「幅広い歪み量」と「歪み量の変化に比例して変わる低域の量感」..

ProCo Turbo Rat LM308 - Comme neuve : 150. I bought my Turbo Rat about 7 years ago, and I've used it almost every time I've plugged a guitar in. The distortion can range from a bluesy crunch to 80's metal to grunge to wall-of-fuzz, depending on how you adjust the 3 dials and how your amp is set up. Things can get really interesting when you include a volume pedal before the rat, or when you. Stream ProCO Rat Mods - pick the LM308! by Rude Mechanical from desktop or your mobile devic タイミングになり、伝統のRATサウンドはLM308を搭載している ことがワタクシ的に重要なポイントだと思います。 Proco / RAT2 LM308N ¥12,800- (tax in) 商品ページはコチラ! 歪みをお探しの方、現行モデルをお持ちの方などなど・・

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released with the an LED status-indicator (a first for ProCo) - presumably for those people who were so hard of listening that still could not hear when the hot pedal was switched on. Two years later, the even hotter Turbo RAT (Fig. 3) appeared on the market. By now a well-established manufacturer, ProCo (of course) launched

Buying a RAT which the owner says is from 1987 with a
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